How to Make It Easier to Embrace Change

Regardless of Agen judi bola industry, there’s no question that COVID-19 has transformed global and U.S. business practices. Some changes have been small, while others have the potential to be lasting and, possibly, revolutionary.

According to a June 2020 Global Economic Prospects Survey, the global GDP was predicted to contract 5.2% in 2020, the biggest worldwide drop in decades. The only certainty right now is that everything is fluid, and the businesses that want to survive must adapt.

For my company, the impact of COVID-19 meant leaning more heavily on automation. As we tried to keep up with increased e-commerce demands, we also had to reckon with warehouse labor shortages.

For some businesses, that’s meant applying traditional brick-and-mortar operations to virtual platforms like Facebook Live and FaceTime, and doing what every company wants to do: adapt and find a new way to stand out. For established business leaders, adaptation in the face of sudden change is a big ask, but it’s also necessary.

Letting go of complete control
At their core, great business leaders are problem-solvers. Even with unexpected circumstances, the basic tenet of problem-solving remains the same: Identify the symptoms, diagnose the root causes and then find ways to either fix the root problem or ease the symptoms.

In this regard, confronting the fallout from COVID-19 should be no different from any other obstacle; there are just more symptoms to deal with. That can mean a lot more uncertainty surrounding what’s feasible and what isn’t, an intimidating, but not insurmountable, prospect.

When my company first began to scale, we faced all kinds of uncertainty. The vision of where we wanted to be didn’t always align with what the market wanted. It was difficult at times. Those early days taught our team that change was a force to embrace instead of weather. This is a lesson I’ve carried with me into the pandemic, and it’s one that I believe a business of any size or stripe needs to learn if it wants to emerge from the pandemic better than before.

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