LOVE SOMEONE Lukas Graham Cover -Amazing Girl Acoustic Cover!! Must Watch!!!
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This Love Someone Lukas Graham cover is an amazing girl cover of the popular song! Filled with beautiful harmonies, a yellow electric guitar, and lots of smiles :). Love Someone Cover on guitar is performed by singer/songwriter/musician Lynsay Ryan.
"I loved doing this acoustic cover of Love Someone. So happy, refreshing, uplifting. I also had a blast writing all the harmonies for my cover version. If you like my Love Someone music video please "SUBSCRIBE" and "COMMENT" below!! I love reading your comments!”

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Love Someone Lyrics:
(Verse 1)
There are days
I wake up and I pinch myself
That you're with me not someone else

And I'm scared, yeah, I'm still scared
That it's all a dream

Cause you still look perfect as days go by
Even the worst ones, you make me smile
I'd stop the world if it gave us time

Cause when you love someone
You open up your heart
When you love someone
You make room
If you love someone
And you're not afraid to lose them
You'll probably never love someone like I do
You'll probably never love someone like I do

(Verse 2)
When you say
You love the way I make you feel
Everything becomes so real
Don't be scared, no, don't be scared
'Cause you're all I need


All my life
I thought it'd be hard to find
The one 'til I found you
And I find it bittersweet
'Cause you gave me something to lose

You'll probably never love someone like I do x 3

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