Will A College Education Help in Your Respective Field Or Industry?

Do you need a degree to start a business? Technically, no, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get one. Especially for industries that are more technical and complex in nature, a college degree can be very beneficial, sometimes even necessary, to your success. If you have little to no knowledge about how business works, or plan on managing complex documents and processes, it may be in your best interest to brush up on your skills with a few college courses.

Although you may know that it is technically possible to start a business without a college education, how do you know which career path is right for you? It is important to answer several key questions before making a decision about starting a business versus pursuing higher education.

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Those facing this decision should take the time to answer these questions honestly and evaluate if the pros of starting a business will outweigh the cons of quitting school. Grech said getting a degree, or at least some form of higher education, can be very helpful for starting your own business. She said the college experience teaches you skills like ownership, accountability, time management, prioritizing and emotional maturity.

“It may not be essential within certain career choices; however, it really helped me personally,” said Grech. “My education helped me develop a proper business model, enabled me to understand certain law documents or tax laws by giving me the ability to think critically and analytically, and provided the tools necessary to read through these documents thoroughly.”

Even if you can successfully break into your industry without a college degree, you will likely need some form of continued education to be an entrepreneur – even if that education is informal.

Be Adaptable at Business

One trait that successful startups often have in common is the ability to switch directions quickly in response to changes in the market. Lanng noted that an agile approach to development, both in terms of your product and your company, will help you grow more quickly.

“By allowing yourself to adapt and change quickly, you’re able to test different approaches to business and find out what works best,” Lanng told Business News Daily. “It allows you to fail, pick yourself back up and keep going.”

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Chris Cornell, founder and CEO of Manhead Merchandise, said his company has found adaptability to be key in expanding its client base beyond the music industry.

“Look to current pop culture trends for an opportunity to become part of the movement, when it makes sense,” Cornell said. “In an era of internet-fame, we looked to expand our horizons beyond the music industry. We partnered with ‘The King of Pop Culture’ and insta-famous pup, Doug the Pug to release his new gear. Recognizing the reach and popularity of Doug, we were able to take his merchandise to the next level, extending our business model beyond bands.”

Know More About Types of Term Loans

As a business owner, you know how important it is to invest in new growth opportunities. But you don’t always have the cash on hand to make these investments. In this scenario, small business financing can be a lifesaver.

If you’re looking for financing, you’ve probably considered taking out a term loan. Before committing to this type of loan, though, it is important to understand what it is and how it differs from other options out there.

If you decide you want a term loan, you can apply for a short-term, intermediate-term or long-term loan.

Short-term loans
These are loans you can take out for smaller amounts, with shorter repayment periods – generally one or two years.

Short-term loans are good for day-to-day working capital expenses. However, since these loans are more convenient and easier to apply for, you can expect to pay higher rates.

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Intermediate-term loans
Intermediate-term loans are the happy medium between short- and long-term loans. The repayment terms are typically two to five years, and you can access up to $500,000.

These loans are a good option for businesses looking to open a new location or hire more people. This type of funding can help you expand your business operations and begin generating more revenue.

Long-term loans
Long-term loans offer the highest amounts and the longest repayment terms. You can access millions of dollars in funding, and the repayment terms can be up to 25 years.

A long-term loan is a good option for an established business with excellent credit and a solid financial record. You may consider one to fund long-term growth strategies for your business.

What is Cyber Monday

About a decade ago, e-commerce businesses began noticing that sales increased on the Monday after Thanksgiving, when most Americans were back to work after the long weekend agen poker resmi. A marketing team at Shop.org, a branch of the National Retail Federation, officially coined the term “Cyber Monday” in 2005; by 2010, it had become the biggest online shopping day of the year.

Cyber Monday falls on Nov. 30 this year. Retailers that sell exclusively online love to run sales on Cyber Monday, but those that have brick-and-mortar as well as e-commerce operations can also take advantage of this shopping day. To take advantage of Cyber Monday, you need to make sure your online store is equipped to handle demand in online shopping from mobile devices. Otherwise, your business could miss out on some big holiday shopping sales growth. Contact a web developer right away to get your online store ready. [Do you need to set up or revamp your online store? Start your search for a solution with our guide to the best e-commerce and shopping cart software.]

Also, focus on unique promotions only you can offer customers. For instance, you could give customers 50% off their first month of a specific product or service you offer, or perhaps 40% off anything in your store with a discount code. These types of promotion tend to entice shoppers.

Key takeaway: This year’s Cyber Monday is the perfect opportunity to meet your customers where they are. To take advantage, offer enticing promotions and make sure your website is mobile-friendly.

Why You Should Consider Working with a Mentor

A mentor can be a very valuable asset, especially for young, aspiring entrepreneurs, and those new to the world of business Situs Nonton Movie Sub Indo. There are several benefits to working with a mentor.

It offers you a new perspective from a seasoned professional. Finding the right mentor is not a secret to success – it’s as obvious as it is essential. Learning from someone older, wiser and more experienced is an invaluable business opportunity, whether you’ve just started your first job or you’re halfway through your career. As we slip into the day-to-day routine of working life, it’s easy to get lost in the moment – our problems are six inches from our face, and a mentor can be the person to reset things so we can look at our careers and growth from a new perspective.

Ryan Holiday, an author and career expert, said finding a mentor starts with working hard and developing a personal reputation of success. By focusing on your own role and career, you can set yourself up to connect with more seasoned business professionals who will see your talent and want to help you grow.

Cashflow Mistakes That Can Kill Your Business

Small business owners are often overloaded with tons of activities revolving around their situs slot online business, and they have very little time left for managing cash flows or scratching their heads on company’s finances. On the other hand, mismanaging your company’s funds might lead to total failure of your business.

Even though you have the brightest of ideas and your company is on the growth ride from the very first day, it is often seen that 80% of the businesses, big or small, fail or close down, just because they cannot manage their cash flows.

To add to the injury, certain hidden costs or expenses have an adverse impact on the cash flows, which are very tough to manage since they cannot be perceived.

In this article, we run through some of the deadly cashflow mistakes that can really hurt your business. Find out if you are making one of these mistakes and learn how to avoid these.

1) Forced Growth

One of my friends who runs a software development company started experimenting with Facebook ADs. In first month itself, he got good returns on his investment. He immediately increased his AD spend by 5 times anticipating 5x growth in sales.

Well, that didn’t happen. He did generate more leads but not in proportion to the AD spend. He spent more than he earned in that month and ended up screwing his cashflow. He had to take short term loan to cover up the month’s expenses.

It is a good thing for a company to have a great growth story, but sometimes to have excessive forced growth can spell doom for the business.

What’s forced growth? It would call for more cash to be paid to the staff, bigger office for accommodating more people and clients, a rollout of new products, higher than needed AD spend, etc. that would call for greater expenses.

These are effort-oriented tasks that need to be handled rapidly as loss of too much cash will severely affect your day-to-day operations. These extended services bring in more revenues, but with revenue comes in more cash outflows. Efficiently estimating these cash outages in due course of time can help you prepare for exigencies.

2) Spending Too Much on Sales

As a small business, it is impervious to fetch new customers, even at the cost of incurring losses. There are two metrics to identify whether your client is bringing you the profit that you anticipated. One of them is the ‘Acquisition Cost’ of the customer, which is the amount spent on gaining one customer.

The other is the ‘Lifetime Value’ of the customer, which is the total revenue generated by a customer over its lifespan. It has to be ensured that the Lifetime value must be greater than the acquisition cost. In this way, a positive effect is felt on the cash flows of the company.

Overspending on the acquisition cost might lead to gaining a small customer with a very limited return. Many businesses falter on this point as they perceive that more the customers, more the profit.

There are lot of hidden elements to the acquisition cost. For example, salary of the sales person, amount spent on his mobile and internet connection, cost of his seat in the office, his commissions, etc. You need to add up all these indirect costs to correctly calculate customer acquisition cost.

If you don’t do this, you’ll unknowingly start burning more money than you earn and eventually affect your cashflow.

3) Incorrect Calculation Of Profitability

One of our ProfitBooks customers sells mobile accessories on ecommerce marketplaces. He buys the stuff at 40% margin from his sources. For example, he buys a headphone at Rs. 600 and sells it at Rs. 1,000. He used to always believe that he was making 30-40% on every sales considering minor expenses.

But when he prepared his balance sheet at the end of an year, he realised that he made losses. He did not consider the marketplace commission, transaction fee, shipping cost (which varied for every order), cost of storing the inventory and most importantly – cost of returns.

Many-a-times, businesses feel that there is enough profit from every transaction they enter into. However, businesses of all sizes run into severe cash problems because they have committed too much on overheads.

Taylor Swift to release second album for 2020, Evermore, as a ‘sister’ record to top-selling Folklore

Taylor Swift fans are getting a double judi online reason to celebrate this year — the singer-songwriter is about to release her second album in 2020.

“To put it plainly, we just couldn’t stop writing songs,” Swift told her 141 million followers on Instagram.

“I’ve never done this before. In the past, I’ve always treated albums as one-off eras and moved onto planning the next one after an album was released.”

Swift said the new album is called Evermore, which she described as a “sister” album to her latest release, Folklore, which was produced entirely during the coronavirus lockdowns and released unexpectedly in July.

A video for a new song, Willow, will arrive along with the album, to be released on Friday afternoon (Australian time).

Swift revealed the tracklist for the 15-song new album and noted that some of the guests are Haim, The National and Bon Iver.

She turns 31 on Sunday.

Folklore, released this winter, enjoyed three separate visits to number one on the Billboard 200 chart and became the first album to sell a million copies in the US in 2020.

On Instagram, Swift said working on Folklore was different than her previous albums and she just kept writing songs.

“I felt less like I was departing and more like I was returning. I loved the escapism I found in these imaginary/not imaginary tales,” she wrote.

“I loved the ways you welcomed the dreamscapes and tragedies and epic tales of love lost and found into your lives. So I just kept writing them.”

The mysterious William Bowery, who Swift last month revealed was a pseudonym for her British actor boyfriend Joe Alwyn, is also credited as a co-writer on the new album.

Lessons From Entrepreneurs Who Have Done It

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many slot joker online businesses to temporarily suspend operations, either voluntarily out of concern for the health of customers and employees or as a result of state mandates. Although the novel coronavirus pandemic persists and, in some cases, even appears resurgent, many businesses have determined that it’s time to reopen and adapt to the new normal.

Businesses are reopening after COVID-19 shutdown.
Many states have relaxed restrictions to allow businesses to resume economic activity. Georgia, for example, became one of the first states in the nation to begin a reopening process, lifting restrictions as early as April. Other states waited a bit longer before announcing partial reopenings of their nonessential businesses, but by mid-May, every state in the U.S. had eased coronavirus-related restrictions at least a little bit.

Many business owners seized the opportunity to resume business, despite concerns about COVID-19 and social distancing, due to an equally pressing financial situation. Others have kept their doors closed, whether by choice or because they still fall under lingering restrictions in their home states. As retail businesses, fitness centers, nail salons and barbershops begin showing signs of life again, the question for many small business owners is how to reopen with public health and safety in mind.

For entrepreneurs preparing to reopen in the near future, it is important to craft a reopening plan that follows state guidance and respects remaining restrictions.

If you’re nervous about reopening, consider the following advice from the real-world experiences of small business owners who have already done it. Use their tips to establish safety protocols that protect employee and customer alike.

  1. Focus on nonoperational elements of your business prior to reopening.
    While you’re waiting for the right time to reopen your business, there is plenty you can do to improve your chances of a nimble recovery. For example, cutting extraneous expenses or working on your digital marketing strategy could pay off down the line when your day-to-day attention returns to keeping your business running. Look for creative ways to make the rest of your shutdown productive.

“My best advice is to not let this time go unused,” said Werner Furstenberg, owner and president of Creative Shade Solutions. “Update your website, plan your marketing, get your offices or business locations thoroughly cleaned, organize your computer files. Even if you can’t run business as usual, there is plenty that can be done online, and much that can be done to make your business a safe and healthy place for all employees and customers.”

  1. Establish workplace safety policies and train your team to follow them.
    One of the most important things to do is make sure your employees are all on the same page when it comes to new workplace safety policies designed to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Provide personal protective equipment (PPE) for your employees, and offer specific training on the policies you’ve put in place.

“In addition to reinforcing good hygiene practices recommended by the CDC with our team members, we have also adopted the CDC recommendation for a detailed health screening and temperature check prior to each employee shift,” said Daniel DeLeon, owner of Grumpy’s Restaurant in Jacksonville, Florida. “We have even extended this to all of our vendors, delivery and maintenance personnel.”

Consider taking these measures:

Require employees to wear masks or face coverings, even if not required by law in your state.
Provide sanitation stations throughout the workplace.
Require employees to wear gloves and regularly sanitize them.
Increase the frequency of cleaning for all your facilities.
Require social distancing measures for all employees and customers.
If possible, establish outdoor spaces for customers (such as outdoor dining areas) and curbside pickup options.

  1. Explain the safety measures to your customers.
    Don’t be afraid to let your customers know about the measures you’ve adopted. It’s not just a marketing strategy, but a genuine way to show that you prioritize the well-being of your team and your customers. While reopening your business is important, nothing should trump public health.

“Be vocal and let your guests see the efforts you have in place to protect them and your employees,” said Brenda Cantrell, brand ambassador for retail chain Unclaimed Baggage. “Demonstrate the procedures you’ve put into place in pictures and video on social media. Taking that extra step to tell your story and own the procedures you’ve put in place will help balance these extra precautions with a positive experience at the place of business.”

How to Make It Easier to Embrace Change

Regardless of Agen judi bola industry, there’s no question that COVID-19 has transformed global and U.S. business practices. Some changes have been small, while others have the potential to be lasting and, possibly, revolutionary.

According to a June 2020 Global Economic Prospects Survey, the global GDP was predicted to contract 5.2% in 2020, the biggest worldwide drop in decades. The only certainty right now is that everything is fluid, and the businesses that want to survive must adapt.

For my company, the impact of COVID-19 meant leaning more heavily on automation. As we tried to keep up with increased e-commerce demands, we also had to reckon with warehouse labor shortages.

For some businesses, that’s meant applying traditional brick-and-mortar operations to virtual platforms like Facebook Live and FaceTime, and doing what every company wants to do: adapt and find a new way to stand out. For established business leaders, adaptation in the face of sudden change is a big ask, but it’s also necessary.

Letting go of complete control
At their core, great business leaders are problem-solvers. Even with unexpected circumstances, the basic tenet of problem-solving remains the same: Identify the symptoms, diagnose the root causes and then find ways to either fix the root problem or ease the symptoms.

In this regard, confronting the fallout from COVID-19 should be no different from any other obstacle; there are just more symptoms to deal with. That can mean a lot more uncertainty surrounding what’s feasible and what isn’t, an intimidating, but not insurmountable, prospect.

When my company first began to scale, we faced all kinds of uncertainty. The vision of where we wanted to be didn’t always align with what the market wanted. It was difficult at times. Those early days taught our team that change was a force to embrace instead of weather. This is a lesson I’ve carried with me into the pandemic, and it’s one that I believe a business of any size or stripe needs to learn if it wants to emerge from the pandemic better than before.

Americans Say Their Internet is Too Slow

With people spending more time online on Agen ceme online, the fact almost half or 45% of Americans say their internet speed is too slow is concerning. This is because a slow internet speed can limit the productivity of what you are trying to do online.
And even though around half say their internet is slow, only 16% have upgraded their service since the pandemic began. That is not to say, they have not tried. Many simply do not have options.

According to the survey and report from HighSpeedInternet.com, “… There are wide swaths of the country that have access to only one or two internet providers.” Add the financial challenges many Americans are facing, upgrading their internet service might not be a top priority.

However, the importance of understanding the internet service available in your area and how much speed you need cannot be understated.
Key Findings of the Survey
The survey was carried out anonymously with the participation of 1,000 Americans. The goal was to find out their opinions about their internet service and prices. Here are the key findings:

Internet is too slow – 45%
Think the internet is overpriced – 61%
Upgraded their internet since COVID-19 – 16%
Do not know what their recommended internet speed is based on activity and number of users – almost 75%
The report suggests consumers need to get more informed about their internet service providers, what is available to them and how much speed they need.